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Letterpress Printing

What is Letterpress Printing?

Letterpress printing is an antiquated type of relief printing that has made a comeback in recent years. It involves inking raised type and pressing the sheet against it, which transfers the type or image. We started letterpress printing when we were printing church bulletins in 1921, and we haven't stopped since.  

Why Letterpress?

Back in the day, the goal of letterpress was to "kiss" the sheet. The idea was to press it just hard enough to transfer the ink, but no harder.

With modern letterpress printing, one of the main draws to using the technique is the fact that you can feel the impression in the sheet. Letterpress provides a great feel to the product, and gives off a look of craftsmanship and style.

If you're wanting that handmade look, letterpress is what you want.


Our Presses

  • Heidelberg windmill 10x15 factory foil unit

  • Heidelberg windmill 10x15

  • Heidelberg windmill 13x17.5

  • Heidelberg SBB 22.5x32.25 cylinder


Take a Look at Our Letterpress Work

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