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Coleman's boasts one of the most well-equipped bindery departments in East Tennessee. No matter how you need your project bound, we have a solution for you.

Perfect Binding


Saddle Stitching


Perfect Binding is great for long-form books. Perfect bound books are bound with spine and hinge glue and have a square spine.


Minimum book size (spine x fore-edge): 5.4" x 4.2"

Maximum book size (spine x fore-edge): 12.6" x 12.6"

Book thickness: 0.04" to 2"

Min cover size (top-bottom x fore-edge): 5.4" x 9.1"

Max cover size (top-bottom x fore-edge): 12.6" x 26"

Saddle stitching is great for shorter books. Books that are saddle stitched are distinguished by the metal stitches (they look like staples) that hold the spine together. Also, because of its quick run time, it is more cost effective than perfect binding.


Minimum sheet size (spine x fore-edge): 7x2" x 5"

Maximum sheet size (spine x fore-edge): 13.8" x 19.7" 

Maximum number of pages: 120*


*page count must be multiple of 4

Hardback Books

Hardback Books


Coil/Wire Binding


Hardback binding is great for those special books that need to last forever. At Coleman's, we can make your custom hardback covers and assemble your books in house.

Coil and wire bound books are great for journals, study books, and cookbooks because of their ability to lay perfectly flat. We have all the tools to punch, bind, and assemble these books under our roof.


Max spine length: 14"

Max book thickness: ????"

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