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Die Cutting


What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting starts with a die. Most of the dies we use consist of a piece of wood that is lasered with your dieline of choice, with steel cutting or creasing rule inserted in the channels that the laser has made. The die is then put in a die cutting press, and is pressed into the sheet. This process allows us to cut and crease paper in virtually any shape.


Common applications of die cutting include:


Pocket Folders


Business Cards


Greeting Cards

Wedding Invitations

How Complicated

can my Dieline Be?

Recently, we have started using rotary dies instead of standard dies for more intricate work. These dies are meant for use in the label industry; but, over the years, more and more commercial printers have begun using them because of their high precision and versatility. As you can see in this picture, very complicated die lines can be achieved by using these types of dies.

Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting is the process of running label stock through a die cutter, while keeping the amount of impression low enough so that the die only cuts through the top layer, while leaving the backer intact. This makes it possible to have multiple peel-off labels on one sheet. Coleman's is one of the few finishing shops in Knoxville with this ability.


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Die Cutting Work

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