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Custom Finishing

Sometimes in printing, you just have to get outside the box. That's our specialty. If your project requires a step that nobody seems to know how to pull off, that's the kind of project that really gets us excited. Here are a couple of skills we've picked up that are outside of the box.

Edge Painting




Edge painting is a fantastic way to make business cards stand out. It's regarded as a secret art among printers, and we are one of the few places in Tennessee that have mastered the technique.

Duplexing is the process of gluing a sheet of paper back to itself to make it twice as thick. This is great for making extra thick cards.

Triplexing is when you do this, but you also insert another sheet in between, often a different stock.  This can make a beautiful "oreo" effect.

Outside the Box

For this job, we had to glue cloth covers on saddle-stitched books, but we had to keep the fabric from fraying. Sometimes, you have to make up new solutions to new challenges. This is the same energy we can bring to your job!

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